Everybody hates healers

I just stumbled across this post form Ghostcrawler, who’s got the unthankful job to explain to the WoW healers why Blizzard hates healers.

Now, before you get into his 2-page post and the 600+ comments below it, let’s make one thing very clear: Everybody hates Healers! Even healer hate healers, judging by the comments.

The reason is quite simple: healing was never meant to be a player activity. The fun factor simply isn’t there. Yes, you had MediPacks in Doom and a good player needed only a few, while bad players couldn’t pass the level because they always got hurt more that the MediPacks could heal. Similarly in Diablo 2, a bad player had to go through two dozen full rejuvenation potions in order to kill Diablo.

Healers became part of the MMO triad (tank-healer-nuker) because game designers decided that the way to create a challenge for a 20-person raid was to bump up the boss’ hit points to a bajillion. Even if the boss hit for 1HP, it took 30 minutes to kill him, so the tank needed a lot of healing. In practical terms, someone had to push the heal button every once in a while alt-tabbing to watch Starcraft replays on Youtube.

The solution is radical but simple: Remove the healer PC and substitute it with a NPC (i.e. a real heal-bot). Make it upgradeable, so it keeps up in level and that’s it. Most people (I know) have put those conveyer jobs of the industrial age behind them, no need to re-apply for the Healer position. At least, that’s how it is at Riftforge.

P.S. To make matters worse, most healers are females played by males. So there, they are no single women either.

  1. February 4th, 2011
  2. April 27th, 2011

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