Writing unit descriptions

I am a bit sick of all the high/epic fantasy descriptions.

It’s OK when it comes to dungeons or areas but when it comes to units or skill descriptions, it gets ridiculous. I don’t need an epic description for a fireball, I have been playing AD&D since 1992.

So we took a bit of a different turn for the unit descriptions in Riftforge. The title is “epic”, typical fantasy fair.

However, when it comes to the description itself, we take the title and try to have fun with it. It will be only a few fans that read the description anyway, so it pays to reward them.

Exhibit A: Gutrippers (veteran raiders)

A rather unlikely candidate for an elite assassination battalion, these women started out as kitchen help in the Raider barracks. Their unusual enthusiasm for blood and guts, however, quickly ensured that they were moved to active duty.

Exhibit B: Firesmiths (veteran rangers)

One might think that singed hair and eyebrows are part of the uniform of this particular unit. Admittedly, some firesmiths have gone the extra mile and shaved their heads clean. In their minds, there’s nothing worse than your hair catching fire at the wrong moment. Except maybe losing one’s eyebrow pencil.

Exhibit C: Silverlight (veteran guardians)

These elite chargers are assigned to the Sisterhood to act as protectors. They are the Riftforge’s only real “knights in shining armor”. The adverse weather conditions on Manirak, however, have put quite a strain on keeping the metal armor in its immaculate condition.

The other elite troopers say that if the Silverlight spent any more time cleaning and polishing, they should be moved to the Sisterhood’s maid quarters.

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