Legendary tanks

This isn’t a post about Tigers, Panthers or Leopards. It’s about classic RPG archetypes – namely the TANK.

What trigged it is a recent game I’ve played where I played Rammus and raked in 8 kills, one of the reasons the enemy team surrendered at 20 minutes. Shut down!

So what are the characteristics of a legendary tank? First, let me say, I don’t play the role of a Guardian willingly. I play it cause no one else wants to tank… everyone wants to be an assassin!

Initially, I thought that a good tank will have a score like 0/0/30. Basically, he doesn’t die and he assists his teammates in slaying the enemy. However, a great tank realizes that death is inevitable, so he is willing to die as long as the carry survives. Hell, it’s a really interesting transaction in League of Legends:

Downside: you die, enemy gets 300 gold;
Upside: your carry kills 3, probably ends a kill streak, gets between 1000 and 2000 gold;

Sometimes you could even end up with a triple kill if your survive (and play Rammus) or you could get 3 assists, which will cover the cost of another piece of armor. So next time, it will take them even longer to kill you.

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