Minecraft seed Riftforge

You have probably heard that Minecraft is a runaway indie sensation.

So of course, I went ahead and generated a map with seed “Riftforge“. OMG! This has to be one of most beautiful minecraft maps I’ve seen. There are huge hills with enormous caverns, some floating islands, and other goodies.

My castle is on top of the highest peak (100,100,-10), very close to spawn. There are plenty of prime choices around with a lot of trees and coal readily available (exposed in surface veins).

I drilled all the way from the top of the hill to the bedrock where I found a huge cavern with at least 3 diamond deposits and a lot of iron ore, gold ore, redstone, etc.

Before I leave you with some “photos” from the Riftforge seed, here’s a cool thing I came up. Create lava rivers from the top of your castle! It looks like the castle of Doom! Also, it is visible from a far, so you can easily find your way home.

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