SponsoredTweets review

Marketing a game is mostly PR, and by that I really mean reviews by different gaming websites. Yet, I continue to try new advertising media usually with a test budget of few hundred bucks.

SponsoredTweets is a service that acts as an intermediary between tweeter users who would like to monetize their fan base and advertisers. Their star “power” consists of celebrities like Kim and Chloe Kardashian who will post a tweet of your choice. For example, Chloe’s tweet costs for just $8,235 and it will reach her 2,856,036 fans and hopefully all of them will click on your message.

Unfortunately, SponsoredTweets click-through rates are abysmally low. Reason N1 is the sheer number of tweets that active users receive. The second reason is that targeting by interests (or demographics) on Twitter is next to impossible, so you get a ton of people who don’t care at all about your message. Finally, your sponsored message has to be labeled as such, which further reduces effectiveness.

On the positive side, there are many websites that “recycle” the Twitter feeds of celebrities, so your message could get a broader audience. Speaking of websites that recycle Twitter feeds, SponsoredTweets will hide your destination URL behind their URL shortener (e.g. http://spn.tw/XYZ), so you get no SEO value from your efforts (CON).

Due to the CONs above, I decided against sponsoring individual tweeters. I went with the CPC model, which works like this: I post the message, every tweeter that qualifies can decide to pick it up. I get to approve each tweet before it is sent and I also pay ONLY per click.

So far my message was picked up by about 500 people. I have approved 220 and rejected 280. The ones I’ve rejected come down mostly to the wording of message. In 90% of cases, these guys have replaced my copy with “Sponsored by http://spn.tw/XYZ”.

The message has been sent to 705,993 people and resulted in 385 clicks, costing me $19.80.

The CPM is great, the CPC is not bad but the signups have been pretty low (7%). SponsoredTweets also seems to lack reach when it comes to their CPC model. You cannot spend even $100 unless you increase the CPC offer dramatically.

So I wouldn’t recommend it for marketers seeking direct response. I believe a guest on The Daily Show complained that a celebrity friend of his agreed to send a tweet about this guest’s new book to his 1,000,000+ Twitter followers. Guess what? He sold 1 book through that recommendation.

Yet, you can benefit from Tweeter advertising by creating a bit of buzz. Just remember to use @account and #topic in the copy of your message. That way you get a mention every time someone tweets your message and you also appear in the topic list (e.g. #rpg), if only briefly.

Update: SponsoredTweets will siphon off funds from your account! Beware!

  1. August 5th, 2012

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