Civilization 5 Deity Domination Fleet

Winning Civilization 5 on Deity difficulty is a serious test for one’s sanity. It’s not a strategy game, it becomes a fantasy RPG, where you play the kid that rolled 7’s and 8’s for all his attributes: weak, stupid, and poor.

In my latest game, Persia has conquered all three nations but me (still friends) and is getting to Future tech with an income close to 1000 gold per turn. All that in late fourteen century.

So how is it possible to win against an AI that gets 10x your bonuses? Recently, I found a post on Civfanatics that shared some aspects of my idea about a domination fleet.

Here’s the setup:
* Archipelago
* Small/Tiny/Duel
* Suleiman

By Turn 100
* Camp all Barbarian camps for triremes (Galleys upgrade to Frigates as well, so not a bad idea to keep them too)
* Social Policty – get honor for the 50% experience bonus
* Research agreements – get to Caravels ASAP
* Trade – trade your luxuries to save 1500 gold
* Caravels – start building/buying 4 to 6
* Triremes – build one, you should be able to 5 more from Barbarians

By Turn 150
* Social Policty – complete honor for the 50% upgrade cost
* Caravels – 4 to 6 ready
* Frigates – upgrade your Triremes, it’s 210 gold plus 1 iron (trade if you have to)
* Siege – Both ships will deal 1 damage (Frigates go to 2 occasionally)
* Logistics – Shortest path to the Logistics promotion (2 shots, plus movement after attacks) is to get Bombardment 3. However, I find it easier if I upgrade a few of my caravels to range 3 first. It gives them survivability and allows you to get cities that have less than ideal location (i.e. mountains or too few water tiles).

End game (turn 200+)
* Upgrade to destroyers (285g for Caravels, 225 for Frigates)
* Destroyers will deal 2-4 damage to a city with 30 defense, so it will go a lot faster than before. Especially, when you consider they all have 3 range and 2 shots.
* By turn 220, I was ready to get the capital of the last civilization (out of 3). In theory, you can defeat 5 or 6 civilizations as there is really nothing that can stop your domination fleet. Even nuclear strikes will only kill one destroyer.

General Tactics
* Before you go to war, take all the enemy’s money. If you have a high income of gold per turn, get their cash in exchange for gold per turn. Then attack.
* Start by eliminating the enemy’s fleet, take your time, the AI will send troops in transports, destroy them
* Besiege a coastal city with no neighbors and plenty of water tiles (a single tile city is perfect)
* Triremes die in 1 turn, Caravels rarely survive 3 hits (1 city, 1 land defender, 1 trireme), so use your frigates to absorb the damage.
* Finally, have a troop transport within 3 tiles of the city. Any unit will do. Always attack from the water when the city is at 1 HP.

If you don’t like their capital (no Wonders of note), give it to another AI player for a ton of gold, same goes for the tiny towns on 1-2 square islands. Cities that you do like: puppet, wait for unrest to be over, pay for the courthouse.

Use the Great Generals for Golden Ages in order to boost production and gold. You might generate 5 or 6 depending on the length of your campaign.

  1. July 7th, 2013

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