Drizzt ebooks to RPG conversion

I recently completed two Drizzt trilogies in the span of a week. I started reading chronologically: first, the Dark Elf trilogy; and then, the Icewind Dale trilogy.

The books have built quite a fan base, judging by the comments at Amazon. As a big fan of roleplaying games (AD&D in particular), I thought the books will be a great read. I turned out half-right.

The very fact that I am familiar with AD&D, especially the monster compendium, made the encounters very predictable for me. Also, the style of writing is so much like a good DM telling you what happened that you can almost hear the dice rolling the background.

I read these as Kindle ebooks, so I was continually asking myself: Why hasn’t anyone converted them to Kindle RPGs? Wouldn’t it be great to start the Dark Elf: Exile ebook with the Hunter fighting a basilisk?

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