One percent talent

Another Blizzcon post, this time dealing with WoW’s new talent system. Or rather, lack of talent system:

Today’s Blizzcon announced many exciting things, including the removal of one of vanilla WoW’s crown jewels, the talent tree system. Completely gone. You now pick a “spec” and then get to pick one talent every 15 levels. No more points, no more trees.

Personally, I’m appalled at the this new direction. I have two hunters – one is Lvl 70, the other a Lvl 29 twink. I picked their talents in a very meticulous way. The twink, of course, was min-maxed with a few tweaks that complemented my playstyle.

The Lvl 70 Hunter with whom I played both PvE and PvP, I specced in Marksmanship despite the fact that both the Beastmaster and Survival specs offered superior stats when it came to PvE and PvP respectively. I played on a roleplay server, so I think it was OK for me to be a dwarf marksman with a gun. I briefly had to switch to a bow (higher DPS) but I worked tirelessly to collect the needed ingriedients for a Gyro-Balanced Khorium Destroyer.

Talents were the ONLY way to customize your character and now this is gone. The equipment came and went but at least your SPEC stayed the same. Everyone who knew me, knew I was specced Marksmanship just as they knew I often kept my pet at my side in instances to serve as off-tank, if the need arises. Since I did most of the DPS, the pet could be kept on a leash for 10 or 20 seconds with no big decrease in DPS. (In vanilla WoW, the pathfinding for pets was so bad, that this was the wise thing to do.)

Blizzard’s background in RTS games has made them blind to the fact that RPGs are about CHOICE and not about balance. In Starcraft 2, I want balance but in WoW I want to be a dwarf marksman with a gun. Take away my gun and I’m done.

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