Diablo 3 inferno farming

This is probably a bit of old news, as no one seems to be playing Diablo 3 any more (myself included).

I wanted to post my Demon hunter and my Inferno farming gear. If I have more time, I do ACT I runs (selective farming of rares) and once I’m up to 5 stacks, I usually go to the Pony level (Whimsyshire).

The key to the item build is the full Natalya set as it gives you incredible discipline regeneration. In Athene’s tests, he was able to kite/stealth for 2 minutes straight. This was enough to kill rare spawns even before the inferno hit points nerf.

As to weapons, I have a 1050 crossbow. The impressive part is it has 80% increased critical damage and a socket, which I can upgrade to +100%. Currently, it’s +70, which gives me +150% from the crossbow alone.

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