XCOM impossible record time

Last night, I completed XCOM on impossible difficulty.

Frankly, since I already completed it on Normal and Classic, I had no plans to do it on Impossible, I just wanted to test my 5 sats in march build order and make sure it is doable on Impossible too.

If anything, leveling on Impossible is faster and since my tactical skills have improved as well, I never had an easier time with the story missions. The alien base was easy. The overseer was a bit of a challenge because I wanted to capture the Ethereal alive, and he was guarded by 2 muton elites who got in the way of the capture.

The biggest surprise was the final mission – the Temple ship. I simply walked my 2 colonel snipers along the central “corridor”, while my 2 assaults flushed any aliens they found in the two side corridors. It was like duck hunting (at least as duck hunting in movies).

On my normal game, I got locked out of the final room due to the infamous door bug. I had to load and backtrace to complete the game. It took me 2 hours to do it. Now, I knew I only needed one sniper with double tap in that room. I didn’t even reload the plasma sniper on my second sniper. As you can see the first shot took 2/3 and I had another shot.

The only challenge now is: what’s the shortest time to complete the game on Impossible.

I know I finished the alien base on the 140 day and after that I didn’t slack: Psy Labs, psi testing, overseer downed by firestorm, gollop chamber, and finally, temple ship. The only way to go reduce these final 36 days would be if the Overseer can be downed by a regular fighter jet.

However, in the first 140 days, there’s a LOT of days that could be shaved off. For one, you don’t NEED complete sat coverage, you can happy let all of North America or Europe go (you won’t need THAT many interceptors or labs/workshops). I’d say that 120 days is worthwhile target.

  1. November 22nd, 2012

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