Endless Space galaxy seeds

If you after a decisive victory on max difficulty in Endless Space, you’ll need a few good systems.

Thankfully, you can “save” a galaxy you like and then use the “seed” in another game. The way you do it is simple: when you start a game, you go to ADVANCED in the settings window and you enter the seed in the corresponding field. Make sure you UNCHECK the random seed generation.

Here’s a few small ones. I don’t like playing on huge, too time consuming.
SEED: 1717415815

Select: Small Spiral 4 galaxy (normal age).

Advanced settings: medium, few, remote, bigger, normal, low, many, high

You have JUNDUR up north with 3 class A planets and you have ANDROMEDA which will become your main production hub. You will produce a dreadnought a turn!

Last but not least, you have a single choke with a good production system that is worth settling (EDASIR)

SEED: 236910014

Select: Tiny Spiral 2 galaxy (young age).

Advanced settings: high, many, remote, bigger, normal, low, many, high

Your starting position has a few good colonizable planets (see white dots).

This is the make-or-break system – Jundur. If you manage to get to it and settle it, you have won. Research warp immediately and have a colony ship ready. Good luck!

SEED: 19686438261923355406

Select: Medium Spiral 8 galaxy (normal age).

Advanced settings: medium, few, remote, bigger, normal, low, many, high

That’s if you dream big. All 8 opponents have a constellation for themselves. Yours is pretty good and it’s a long distance away from everyone else, so no early wars due to border disputes. All three systems have a Class A planet: two Terran and one Jungle.

SEED: 1923355406

Select: Medium Spiral 8 galaxy (young age).

Advanced settings: medium, few, remote, bigger, normal, low, many, high

Now, this is the one I’m playing right now! You have a star system with 3 Class A planets right next to your home world. You also have 2 constellations at your choke/warp that are immediately colonizable. Also, although I didn’t plan for it, I was able to settle the other end of the warp as well (ROTANEV) and it proved an excellent system as well. I didn’t plan for it because playing at max difficulty, it’s tough to beat 8 AIs to the central planets.

    • Wyldwraith
    • March 27th, 2013

    Is there any way to determine what settings were used with a given Seed in order to get a specific Galaxy back? Somehow the settings on the left side (Galaxy size, age etc) + the Advanced settings got reset to default (which is not what they were on when I created the Seed)…I’ve been trying to guesstimate what settings I had on, but havent managed to recover my Galaxy yet. Any help is appreciated.

  1. No, not really. You need the seed, PLUS the correct settings in order to get the identical galaxy.

    I have experimented with the same seed, different settings and although there are many similar systems, it’s rarely as good as the “correct” settings. Obviously, the size and density of galaxy matters a LOT more than pirate activity (which doesn’t affect seed).

  1. July 9th, 2013

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