The artists vs the performer

Last night I saw Metallica: Through the Never on IMAX 3D.

In the last scene (as the credits were rolling), the Arena was empty and it was just four guys playing in a closed circle.

It was an interesting look at what could be termed “the other side” of Metallica. Not the performers, who could pack 8 Arenas in a row (in Mexico city) but the artists who play music because that what they love doing. Even if there’s just one guy in the audience, they will still do it.

That’s what I felt was the “meaning” of Metallica: Through the Never.

Goes back to something Sir Ken Robinson said: the core experience of a theater is just the actor and one guy in the audience. Everything else is optional: from lighting to a script or a director.

Update: Some exciting news about my own video, a screencast: check it out at Youtube, you can check it out at Vimeo, Pinterest, Flickr, etc.

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