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Pandaren Monk or Kung Fu Panda?

With the recent announcement of a new World of Warcraft expansion, Blizzard has confirmed my belief that their transformation from a cult game company to a mainstream one is complete.

Blizzard wants to be the Disney of video games now. Also, they also want to move their sinking (subscription numbers wise) flagship to shallow water somewhere in the Yellow Sea.

How did we come all the way from Ultima Online to Kung Fu Panda? When did the MMO players changed from nerds to… children?

Of course, Blizzard are the (only) one who know the exact demographics of the current WoW players. So their going in the way of cartoons is anything but accident. Will TITAN feature talking cars?

I blame Angry Birds. In selling $200 million worth of cartoony graphics, Rovio has proven there’s money to be made from bright colors and simplistic gameplay.

Does that mean that you cannot have an RPG for grownups now? Will online games become synonymous pre-pubescent adventures? Not, if I can help it! I’m taking the “no pandas” pledge on behalf of Riftforge.


Pixel Art Palette cycling

I have been staring intermittently at a single piece of pixel art for a few days, so I decided to share it. As you can learn from this Q & A with Mark J. Ferrari, this incredible piece of scenery dates back to the 90s.

The BlendShift cycling has just been recreated to work with HTML5/Canvas tag. So hit the image below to see the animation effect (Google Chrome recommended).