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Kill them all campaign

Riftforge is an online RPG with tactical combat. The campaign raises $2730 to develop three end-game campaigns that culminate in an epic boss battle.

November 14, 2013 – Riftforge, an ambitious fantasy online role-playing game, has launched an Indiegogo campaign. The $2730 will be used to finish the game by adding two grand campaigns as well as a special super-monster campaign.

Riftforge has been in development for four years, the last two in open playtest mode. It has a quarter million beta signups and over 44,000 Facebook fans. The game features tactical combat in over a hundred handcrafted missions. In addition to the singleplayer content, Riftforge has an active multiplayer Arena.

“We have built a modern game that pays homage to 90’s RPG’s like Baldur’s Gate, the Ultima series, even Final Fantasy Tactics,” said Krasimir Koichev, Riftforge’s Producer. “With the Indiegogo campaign, we’d like to give our fans the ultimate choice: which enemies they want to kill in the epic end-game confrontation.”

Riftforge is the game world’s central location. It is a hub structure that seemingly exists out of space and time. With the new content, players will be able to go through the Rift to explore three new warzones and interact with their inhabitants. True to genre conventions, the majority of those inhabitants are both hostile and dangerous, thus the “Kill them all” slogan.

Riftforge features:

  • Deep and engaging tactical combat, within a familiar turn-based system
  • Three powerful, yet balanced RPG archetypes
  • Rare, elite, and epic units with over 70 unique skills
  • Free-to-play Arena and extra missions available for gold or cash

About Riftforge
Riftforge is a cloud-based roleplaying platform for gamers passionate about tactical combat. The game client is HTML5 and the platform is accessible on all devices with a modern browser.

Indiegogo campaign trailer:

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Riftforge beta
Facebook fan page


Riftforge and Windows 8.1

Microsoft has been kind enough to lend us a Window tablet, so we can make sure that Riftforge runs on Windows.

In some ways, it runs better than it does on an iPad. Maybe the new iPad Air with it’s A7 processor will not lag when executing HTML5, but that remains to be seen.

Next: Testing Riftforge on Windows 8.1 and IE 11. Preferably on a Surface 2 Pro.

P.S. Check out Jabborate on Surface tablets (with SharePoint).

The artists vs the performer

Last night I saw Metallica: Through the Never on IMAX 3D.

In the last scene (as the credits were rolling), the Arena was empty and it was just four guys playing in a closed circle.

It was an interesting look at what could be termed “the other side” of Metallica. Not the performers, who could pack 8 Arenas in a row (in Mexico city) but the artists who play music because that what they love doing. Even if there’s just one guy in the audience, they will still do it.

That’s what I felt was the “meaning” of Metallica: Through the Never.

Goes back to something Sir Ken Robinson said: the core experience of a theater is just the actor and one guy in the audience. Everything else is optional: from lighting to a script or a director.

Update: Some exciting news about my own video, a screencast: check it out at Youtube, you can check it out at Vimeo, Pinterest, Flickr, etc.

SponsoredTweets Scam

SponsoredTweets offers a unique service summed up as this: Khloe Kardashian tweets about you for $13,000.

Of course, there are other options, like CPC advertising where people would volunteer to tweet your message and you pay them per click.

The bad news? Clicks are mostly bogus.

The horrible news: SponsoredTweets will scam you, siphoning funds from your account.


Creative borrowing

Back to the eternal question of ORIGINALITY vs “creative borrowing”.

Speaking of Deep Purple, I swear Jon Lord and Sir Ken Robinson sound the same.
“We were of the opinion…”

Diamond league

That was way back in the beta…

starcraft diamond league

The world’s dumbest idea is known for their over-the-top articles (with link-bait headlines). That’s the website, not the magazine itself.

This one is worth reading though: The Origin Of ‘The World’s Dumbest Idea’: Milton Friedman.

For close to 50 years, we’ve been told repeatedly that just like the rational economic agent (consumer) optimizes for his/her UTILITY, a corporation (or rather, the CEO) optimizes for one thing only – profits to shareholders.

You see, it’s not the corporation’s money, it’s the shareholders’ money. And when you have customer’s paying for a product, it’s their money too. Finally, if you are paying salaries (and everyone is), the money is also the employee’s money. So it’s anyone’s and everyone’s money but the corporation itself.

Now, I know that the none of these is an actual discovery, while the Corporation is. How? I play Civilization, that’s how. There’s no Milton Friedman great person either.

Go read it. Once you’re done, go back to Peter Drucker (I have his books in hardcover). His focus and eloquence is undiminished by 70 years of economic theory:

There is only one valid definition of business purpose: to create a customer. . . . It is the customer who determines what a business is. It is the customer alone whose willingness to pay for a good or for a service converts economic resources into wealth, things into goods. . . . The customer is the foundation of a business and keeps it in existence.

Forget shareholders, embrace customers. It was a dumb idea and it doesn’t work.

The rate of return on assets and on invested capital of US firms declined from 1965 to 2009 by 75%.

The rate of return on assets and on invested capital declined from 1965 to 2009 by 75%.