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Contradictory Paypal email

Now, I’m putting this in the Copywriting category for the simple reason that not all COPY that you produce has to do with advertisements or Press Releases. Establishing good and credible email communication is essential to any online game.

I registered at Elance yesterday, looking for a freelance artist. There aren’t a lot of game GUI experts there but I decided to validate my account by adding a method of payment, via Paypal. The form timed out on the last step but the account link was set up anyway (thank God). Here’s the email that I received:

We have received your request to add a new PayPal account to your Elance Account. It will take 5 days for Elance to verify this new account before you can begin withdrawing funds to it.
If you added a PayPal account, you can start using it immediately to make payments.

OK, which one is it? Are you taking 5 days to review it? Or, I can start paying immediately…

Similarly, I received an equally puzzling email last week from Paypal… But that’s another story. Point is:

Review ALL your email templates, especially the one dealing with payments or signups. Treat them the way you treat direct mail. Test them with a focus group, if you have to.