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Kill them all campaign

Riftforge is an online RPG with tactical combat. The campaign raises $2730 to develop three end-game campaigns that culminate in an epic boss battle.

November 14, 2013 – Riftforge, an ambitious fantasy online role-playing game, has launched an Indiegogo campaign. The $2730 will be used to finish the game by adding two grand campaigns as well as a special super-monster campaign.

Riftforge has been in development for four years, the last two in open playtest mode. It has a quarter million beta signups and over 44,000 Facebook fans. The game features tactical combat in over a hundred handcrafted missions. In addition to the singleplayer content, Riftforge has an active multiplayer Arena.

“We have built a modern game that pays homage to 90’s RPG’s like Baldur’s Gate, the Ultima series, even Final Fantasy Tactics,” said Krasimir Koichev, Riftforge’s Producer. “With the Indiegogo campaign, we’d like to give our fans the ultimate choice: which enemies they want to kill in the epic end-game confrontation.”

Riftforge is the game world’s central location. It is a hub structure that seemingly exists out of space and time. With the new content, players will be able to go through the Rift to explore three new warzones and interact with their inhabitants. True to genre conventions, the majority of those inhabitants are both hostile and dangerous, thus the “Kill them all” slogan.

Riftforge features:

  • Deep and engaging tactical combat, within a familiar turn-based system
  • Three powerful, yet balanced RPG archetypes
  • Rare, elite, and epic units with over 70 unique skills
  • Free-to-play Arena and extra missions available for gold or cash

About Riftforge
Riftforge is a cloud-based roleplaying platform for gamers passionate about tactical combat. The game client is HTML5 and the platform is accessible on all devices with a modern browser.

Indiegogo campaign trailer:

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Riftforge beta
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Activion kills Fidel, loots PR Holy Grail

Watching CNN last night (or was it the night before that), I was rather surprised to hear the anchor ask CNN’s Havana reporter about Call of Duty: Black Ops. I immediately tuned in…

Don’t worry, you haven’t missed anything. It seems that every media has the story covered: Cuba decries ‘Black Ops’ targeting Fidel Castro. According to Google News, there’s 830 other stories like this.

What struck me was the memory of a nearly identical report that CNN aired when Activsion released the previous game in the Call of Duty Franchise: Modern Warfare 2. Of course, they weren’t trying to kill Castro last time too. No, they invaded Moscow.

So one starts to wonder … Are Activision putting these episodes in hope they are picked up by the media? Or they go aggressively for coverage. It’s not inconceivable that this story was actually paid for by the game’s rumored $100 million-dollar budget (Source: AdAge).

Regardless, if you’re trying to market your indie game, there’s a lesson here. Either put Fidel in your game, or failing that, spend $100 million on advertising. Or follow Activision’s lead and do both.