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Jabber + IBM Connections video demo

I just produced this screencast showcasing Jabber for IBM Connections. Thanks to Camtasia Studio and Fiverr (for the voice over), this was a pleasure to do.

Note: IBM Connections is the leading social platform for enterprises and the Jabber integration (called Jabborate) adds realtime communications like instant messaging, audio and video calls, conference calls, and presence.

Update: if you cannot view the video at Youtube, you can check it out at Vimeo, Pinterest, Flickr, Screencast, DailyMotion, PhotoBucket, Businesstube, etc.


Everyone has a golden age

Paul Barnett is probably more famous with his “Bears, bears, bears” video circa 2006 when he was working on Warhammer Online.

This is another gem from him: everyone has a golden age (of gaming). Start at 15 minutes:

Just in case you’ve missed the link to the Bears bears bears video:

Too much game lore ?

I came across this video thanks to BrokenToys. It has close to four million views on Youtube already.

It strongly resonates with my personal experience of World of Warcraft – there is simply WAY too much lore. I understand there are close to 80 quest writers in Blizzards who are producing an avalanche words on top of the words already produced by novel writers, copywriters, and lead designers.

It takes a great writer many revisions to write succinctly:

‘Madame, enclosed please find the novel you commissioned. It is in two volumes. If I had more time I could have written it in one‘. Voltaire